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Life at Co:Create Ink

Fully remote team (US time-zone based employees only at this time)
Team offsites twice a year at locations across the country
Health insurance
401k Retirement plan
Unlimited vacation & paid time off
Two company-wide shut downs a year to give everyone the week off in both the summer and winter.
$200/month in “get what you need” funds.
Hate Monday meetings? so do we! We have a strong “no meetings” policy on Mondays.

Company Perks

Get What You Need Funds - Co:Create Ink is a remote-only company, which means every employee has different work needs. Some need a standing-desk to make their home-office amazing. Others need remote-working space to get out of the apartment. Others still need gas for the RV. Everyone has internet or cell phone bills to pay. In order to accommodate everyone, we offer $200/month in “Get What You Need” funds. They can be used on anything you need.
Company Wide Breaks 2x A Year - In order to give our team a real break where no one feels like they’re missing out by not working, we shut down complete twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter.
Competitive compensation - We believe in paying fair market value as well as offering lucrative equity and tokenomics incentives. Learn more about

Our Interview Process

We Try to “Hire Slow”... Quickly
Curious about ? Click the link to learn more.

How we Communicate

Strong Verbs. Short Sentences. Right Place. Right time.
Communication is absolutely critical to a remote company. Click to learn more about .

Our Tech Stack

Tools work for us, not the other way around.
Want to know what tools we use, and how to use them? Click to learn more about .

Our Culture

When hiring candidates, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in our culture:

How We Work

We care personally, and challenge directly: We cultivate a BS-free culture where honesty is coupled with empathy. Our team communicates with kindness and directness, ensuring clarity and mutual respect in every interaction.
We are humble and hungry: We embrace a mindset of continuous learning and scrappy innovation. Always open to new ideas and feedback, we’re hungry for progress, relentlessly pursuing our goals with determination and resourcefulness.
We take ownership & accountability: We champion proactive ownership and outcome-based accountability. Moving beyond just participation, we focus on impactful results, taking the initiative to identify and address opportunities and challenges head-on.
We are optimistic, but realistic: We know we can be successful, but have a healthy respect for challenges we have to overcome.
We work with speed and intention: When faced with a tradeoff of fast or complete, we move fast. Though we always strive for both. Our actions are quick but not hasty, always connected to our objectives and responsive to the ever-evolving needs of our artists and community.

What We Prioritize

Artists' Needs Above All: At our core, we prioritize the welfare and prosperity of artists. We're dedicated to innovating solutions that amplify artists' earnings and recognition, always placing their needs at the forefront of our endeavors.
Community Collaboration: We believe in the power of community. By fostering a collaborative environment, we ensure that artists, collectors, and community members have a voice in shaping our platform, aligning everyone’s incentives for mutual success.
Technology coupled with a respect for tradition: Honoring the rich traditions of tattoo art, we blend respect for history with a passion for innovation and emergent technology. Our approach involves understanding the past to skillfully craft the future, using technology to enhance and preserve the essence of this ancient art form.

Co:Create Ink in Action!

As a fully remote team, we get together twice a year at locations across the country for team bonding, co working and brainstorming. Past offsites have included Nashville, Denver, NYC, Scottsdale and Austin.
Image from iOS.jpg
We are fully remote company, but we also value in person collaboration.
Image from iOS (2).jpg
Every session is held in a different city. Our first one was held in Nashville. Home of two of our team members.
Image from iOS (4).jpg
While we are a very driven group of people, we also believe in enjoying the time we spend together
Image from iOS (5).jpg
Our next team offsite was in Denver in July.
Image from iOS (6).jpg
We spend a good amount of time co working and brainstorming around ideas.
Image from iOS (1).jpg
But we also made sure to fit in a brewery tour sampling some of the best beers in Denver.
Image from iOS (3).jpg
We even had a pizza making party on our last night in Denver.
Image from iOS (2).jpg
Which ended up being more delicious than any of us could’ve expected. (We also had over 10 pizzas to eat by the end of it!)
Image from iOS (4).jpg
The last activity of the retreat was a little post meal yoga and astrology readings for the team.
Image from iOS (10).jpg
Next up, our New York City offsite!
In New York City, we all ate a lot of amazing food,
had a very serious ping pong showdown -
Where we ultimately crowned one champion!
IMG_6935 (1).jpg
After that was Scottsdale AZ and we enjoyed lots of fun dinners -
IMG_8308 (1).jpg
and a Puzzle Relay that had us testing our brain power (the margaritas didn’t help).
Image from iOS (25).jpg
Everyone on the team left with a personalized mug with their favorite NFT on it.
IMG_6972 (1).jpg
We ended the offsite with another pizza making party - now an offsite tradition
Our last offsite was in Austin where we enjoyed awesome dinners with our team,
did some hiking in the morning in the beautiful hiking trails of Austin,
before brainstorming and coworking in the afternoon.
We bonded laughing over doing line dancing at one of the oldest honky tonks in Austin.
We ended the offsite with our pizza making party tradition (one of our team members even made a delicious dessert!)

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